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Should I rent or buy a violin for my child?

We highly recommend renting. In order to ensure learning comfort and good technique, it is important for children to learn to play on an appropriately sized instrument. As long your child is in a fractional size, the most economical option is to rent, as he/she will need to change sizes every 6-18 months, depending on how fast he/she grows.

What size instrument will my child need?

There is no definite rule, and at the shop we prefer to size each child to an instrument that fits him or her. However, as an approximate guide, most fourth graders will need a 1/2 sized instrument.

I have a 3, 4, 5, or 6-year old. Are there sizes that will fit him/her?

Yes! Sizes run as small as 1/32, which will fit a three year old.

Should an adult beginner rent or buy an instrument?

If you are committed to learning to play and want to own your instrument, then certainly – go ahead and make a purchase! If you want to explore an interest and are not sure where it may lead, we recommend renting for up to a year. You will earn a purchase discount while you are renting from us, which for the first year will be equal to the total rental portion of each payment. Once you feel ready to make the investment, you may use your earned discount towards the purchase of an instrument.

Why should I rent when I can buy an inexpensive instrument online?

Purchasing an instrument online is risky. You can never be sure what you are going to get until it arrives, and then only if you know what to look for. Those instruments selling at very low prices are particularly risky – low prices almost always indicate cut-rate materials and/or a poor set-up, which make the instrument a struggle to play. It may require two or three times the price simply to make it playable – or it may not be possible to make it playable at all.

To give yourself or your child the best chance at a rewarding musical experience, please consider a good-quality rental before resorting to online “deals”. Learning to play a stringed instrument is challenging, and requires dedication and lots of practice. Renting from a reliable strings business like Beekman Violin Inc. is an affordable way to access well-made, regularly maintained instruments with the additional benefits of insurance coverage and the earned purchase discount. At Beekman Violin we are also always happy to assist our rental customers with instrument tuning, repair, size exchanges, and any other needs that may arise.

Will I need to bring my child when I come in to rent his/her instrument?

Yes – it’s important to have your child sized to be sure his or her instrument fits.

How often will my child need to change sizes?

Depending on how fast your child grows, he or she will need to change size every 6-18 months.

Is there a different rental rate for each size instrument?

No. The rental payment is a fixed rate- it will not increase as your child changes sizes.

What is included in the insurance?

Insurance includes all necessary repairs and maintenance, including string replacements.* Loss due to fire or theft will be covered as long as a police report stating that the instrument is the property of Beekman Violin Inc is presented to us within 48 hours of the incident. Damage resulting from misuse or negligence is not covered.

*for all contracts activated after August 2012.

Is the rental program a rent-to-own/lease arrangement?

No -the rental instrument that you take home with you is at all times the property of Beekman Violin, Inc. until you return it or choose to make a purchase. See below for information on our rental-purchase discount program.

How does the purchase discount work?

Each rental contract earns a discount towards instrument purchase. In the first year, the discount increases by an amount equal to the rental portion of each payment made. After the first year, the discount continues to increase by 50% of the rental portion of each payment made.

The rental portion is the total payment minus tax and insurance; payments are made quarterly (every 3 months).

The discount may be used towards a student outfit or upgrade instrument of the same type as the rental. An outfit includes the instrument, bow, and case.

Where can I find a teacher?

We keep a list of RI string teachers at the shop and can refer you to someone in your area.